Wednesday, Wednesday is Yo Chicago rents day

Amazing. Awesome. Unbelievable.

The Homestead Group rental service peppers its nearly 200 ads on Craigslist with a lengthy list of these and other superlatives.

The Better Business Bureau has fielded a number of complaints about this gang and tagged their record “unsatisfactory.”

If you know Chicago’s neighborhoods and want a good laugh, sample a few of the area descriptions at the Homestead Group’s Web site.

Old Irving Park
The Kennedy Expressway inconspicuously knifes its way through the neighborhood …

Humboldt Park
The area is populated by artists, students, musicians, young professionals and others. In recent years, a number of great restaurants and bars have opened in the area making Humboldt Park a popular social destination.

Our take on The Homestead Group’s claims: unbelievable.

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