Where the deals never die

OwnACondo.com banner

Well, OwnACondo.com isn’t lacking for enthusiasm.

Upon arriving at the self-styled “best place to buy and sell condos,” I was greeted with a profile about EcoLogic Lofts, “perhaps the most unique condominium properties for sale.” A list of “featured condo developments” included links to winners like 9 West Erie (where condos are “offered in one- and two-bedroom styles” with “a decidedly ‘green’ flavor”), GlasHaus (a “beautiful new construction” building amidst a “housing stock that includes lofts and other converted buildings”), and the Chicago Spire (“residents of this amazing structure will undoubtedly have one of the most prestigious addresses in the world”).

In every case, I learned that an OwnACondo Realtor “would be happy to provide more information and schedule a showing” at these buildings. That seems like too good of an offer to pass up, and I’m waiting impatiently for the response to my request to see all four.

I’ll give OwnACondo credit — in their world, deals never die, even if developments do.

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