Whole lotta closin’ goin’ on at The Elysian

The Elysian, ChicagoA $48 million haul isn’t a bad way to start a week. That’s the total price for the 11 two-, three-, and four-bedroom condos that closed at The Elysian on Monday, according to Redfin’s records.

Since none of the homes were listed on the MLS, I have no idea how the sale prices compared to the developer’s original asking prices. I do know this, though: the average price per square foot for these homes was over $1,100, an amount skewed heavily by one unit, a 1,264 square-foot three-bedroom that sold for $2.89 million, or a staggering $2,287 a square foot. (Update: Kathleen Malone of @properties, the listing agent for this unit, confirms that this is a typo, and that it’s in the process of being corrected. The home had approximately 3,400 square feet, putting the cost at a much more believable $850 per square foot.)

The six homes currently listed at The Elysian, 11 E Walton St, range from a 30th-floor three-bedroom priced at $2.65 million to a 12,000 square-foot penthouse occupying the tower’s entire 56th and 57th floors, priced at $9.8 million. (For more on that unit, visit Curbed and CribChatter.)

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