Why real estate agents don’t like Tomacor

Find out why agents don’t like us is one of the menu items on the website for Tomacor, a local home inspection firm.

A few of the reasons listed on the site:

Pompous, arrogant, patronizing.

This guy is a jerk!

He couldn’t find a problem if it bit him in the ass.

He sucks!

I’ve known Tomacor’s Tom Corbett for more than 25 years. He was one of the original advertisers in our real estate weekly publication years ago and wrote a column for years for our New Homes Magazine.

I’ve heard real estate agents say many ugly things about Tom. Even some agents who respect his professionalism, knowledge and integrity have wished aloud that he’d be less blunt in the way he states his conclusions. I’ve never heard a negative word about Tom from a home buyer he’s represented.

Tom’s latest email newsletter reported instances of real estate agents interfering with his ability to inspect a roof on a single-family home and the electrical room in a condo building.

How and why real estate agents hinder home inspectors was the main topic when Tom and I sat for the videos in this post nearly three years ago.

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