Why rent when you can moan?

As we browse the Internet and tour sales centers, we still see several developers using the old “Why rent when you can own?” argument to market their homes. It’s time for something new.

If ads and Web sites tell us anything, it’s that buyers want to belong. How can they fit in with their peers and co-workers if they aren’t participating in the defining tragedy of their generation: being stuck with a new condo in the middle of an economic crisis?

All the cool kids are griping about mortgages and facing foreclosures, while renters are stuck on the sidelines, unable to jump into the conversation or one-up their buddies with their own tales of woe.

It’s no longer sufficient to suggest that buyers will get into swanky night-spots or down martinis with beautiful neighbors simply by signing on the dotted line. They need to know that by foregoing a rental lifestyle, they can join an exclusive group of sufferers.

To that end, we propose this: Ditch “Why rent when you can own?” and get with…

“Why rent when you can moan?”

What do you say?

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