Will a burgeoning Hyde Park attract North Siders?

View north from Del Prado in Hyde Park, Chicago IL

I’ll be in Hyde Park today, shooting video at three apartment complexes with a total of more than 1,600 apartments: the Algonquin, the Del Prado and Regents Park. The Algonquin and Regents Park are visible in the view, above, that I shot two years ago from the roof of the Del Prado.

Among other agenda items, I’ll be trying to gather intelligence on whether a resurgent Hyde Park is attracting residents who have traditionally considered only North Side neighborhoods.

A rapidly developing 53rd Street and the new City Hyde Park development will only add to the immediate area’s list of existing attractions. The lakefront and parks are close at hand. The restaurant and bar scene is relatively healthy and expanding. Housing is price-competitive and often superior in quality to what’s available in an area like Edgewater that’s equidistant from the Loop. CTA express buses and the Metra Electric offer a quicker commute to the Loop than the Red Line or bus service from Edgewater.

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