YoChicago advertising terms, contact

YoChicago retains editorial control over all sponsored content and ownership of copyrighted materials created by YoChicago. In light of the affordable cost of our videos, and the time involved in editing video, videos will be edited only to correct YoChicago errors.

YoChicago photography furnished to advertisers is licensed on a non-exclusive basis and may be used by an advertiser for any purpose, including social media but excluding distribution to brokers / rental services for use in their advertising.

In compliance with Federal Trade Commission requirements, all paid content at YoChicago is identified as sponsored.

We reserve the right to reject or terminate any advertiser for any reason in our sole judgment.

For additional information, or a custom quote, contact Joe Zekas at 312-280-9780 x 100 or by email: yojoe@yochicago.com.

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