YoChicago's Ashland Adventure: Hospitals, Union Park, and condos near Chicago Avenue

As you might have gathered from a couple of our posts on Tuesday, Mark and I recently took a drive north on Ashland Avenue from the hospital district to check out the new condos located along the wide and busy street.

Judging from past comments, Ashland isn’t the most popular residential street among Yo readers, due in part to its heavy traffic. But as Realtor Yehuda Cohen told Joe Zekas a while back, Ashland’s homes can be a good value, especially for buyers who want to live in Lake View and Lincoln Park.

In this first segment, Mark and I turn onto Ashland from Taylor Street and pass a Rush University Medical Center facility currently under construction. We see Union Park‘s fields and pool in passing, and then pull over and get out of the car just past Chicago Avenue to take a look at the first of several new six-flats we pass on our journey.

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