YoChicago’s best new homes of 2007, an update

Five years ago yesterday we posted the picks of our then editorial staff for Chicago’s best new homes 2007.

Our staff had a near-perfect record of spotting projects that either wouldn’t be built or would prove problematic for buyers if they were.

In the eight categories in which we picked winners, only one project proved to be a winner: Lakeshore East, which was selected as Chicago’s best new planned community.

Two of our winners never made it out of the ground: X/O Condominiums (Best new high-rise over 20 stories) and 5440 Sheridan (Best new high-rise under 20 stories). Another, Marquette Village (Best new single-family home) remains largely unbuilt.

Motor Row Lofts (Best new loft) sold slowly and a number of units were auctioned.

The Lofts at Roosevelt Collection (Best new mid-rise) excelled at keeping its buyers in the dark before finally pulling the plug on the condo program and going rental.

Prices at Hyde Park’s Silver Cloud Condominiums (Best new condo conversion) have melted down from their original level.

Cornelia Court (Best new townhome) sold at a snail’s pace, and a rare resale purchased for $649,900 in September of 2007 fetched only $400,000 in April of 2010.

Although I wasn’t involved in any of those selections, there’s no guarantee I would have done any better.

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