2800 West North, re-branded as "The Silver District," opens in Logan Square

The Silver District, 2800 W North Ave, Logan Square, Chicago

We’ve been keeping an eye on this new 20-unit development at 2800 W North Ave in Logan Square for the past few weeks, and just last night a handful of new listings were posted referring to the new building as “The Silver District.”

Karen Biazar with North Clybourn Group says an invitation-only grand opening was held about a week ago, and although just 100 invitations were sent out, at least 250 people swarmed the event. Now, four furnished models are fully staged, and Biazar’s sales team will begin hosting open houses this weekend.

In an attempt to “hit a home run,” as Biazar puts it, the developer is offering a slew of incentives to buyers that sign contracts before April 11. According to Biazar, the incentive package includes one year of free assessments, an audio / video home technology package valued at $5,000, a 1-percent closing cost credit, and homes will be delivered fully furnished as they appear in the models.

Biazar had previously told me that prices would range from the $310s to the $400s, but according to the price sheet that I just received, it looks like those price points have since been adjusted slightly. Now, the 20 two-bedroom / two-baths are priced from the $300s to the $410s.

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The Silver District, 2800 W North Ave, Logan Square, Chicago The Silver District, 2800 W North Ave, Logan Square, Chicago

The Silver District, 2800 W North Ave, Logan Square, Chicago

The Silver District, 2800 W North Ave, Logan Square, Chicago The Silver District, 2800 W North Ave, Logan Square, Chicago


  • flyingv 9 years

    Humboldt Park instead of Logan Square?

  • flyingv,

    It’s debatable, but many would probably side with you in the debate. According to some official city neighborhood maps (such as this one), North Avenue is the southern boundary of Logan Square. Similarly, our list of neighborhood boundaries lists the southern border at North Ave. However, other sources (including this official neighborhood map) say Humboldt Park extends as far north as the Bloomingdale Line.

    So you see, it’s a border territory, and it defies easy categorization. What’s your argument for Humboldt over Logan in this case?

  • freepy 9 years

    My argument would be that one could spit across the street from the roof deck into Humboldt Park, but would have a hard time even spotting Logan Square ten blocks northwest from the same deck.
    I have lived in both and always go with the Bloomingdale line as a good divider.

  • freepy 9 years

    Also, the name is ridiculous. Let’s not ignore that fact.

  • First time I can recall seeing a building name with the word “District” in it.

  • Michael 9 years

    Yeah, that doesn’t even seem debatable, when Humboldt is literally right across the street. Bloomingdale Trail seems like a more reasonable boundary.

    I know Humboldt has a somewhat-deserved bad reputation, but I’ve got to believe one of the selling points of this building would be the incredible views over the park from the front balconies. You’d think they’d want to play that up. It’s not like people visiting the building won’t realize how close to the park they are…

  • I never saw that first map. That explains why newspapers continue to report crime in “Logan Square” in areas that are nowhere near. I don’t know what the city is basing the map on. On the other end, noone would consider Belmont and Pulaski as Logan Square either.

    That map encompasses almost (except between expressway and river) the entire community area of Logan Square, plus south of Bloomingdale, plus the triangle bounded by Diversey, Pulaski and expressway. Though often differently defined, “neighborhoods” are generally smaller areas than “community areas.”

    This building is in Humboldt Park. My guess it’s in the silver district because this one building is a silver building and stands out from the rest of the building stock.

  • Bob 9 years

    Humboldt Park is ghetto.

  • Bob,

    Either clean up your act – if you can – or be banned.

    One more stupid hateful comment and you’re gone.

    This is your final warning.

  • Abuyer 9 years

    This place looks like that junkbox on Fullerton and Clybourn and Ashland that was forclosed on… same developers?

  • Brad 9 years

    Why not ban Bob now? “Ghetto” is a pejorative with racial tones that has no place in this conversation.

  • Carter 9 years

    I went to the first map, but I don’t see any neighborhood markers whatsoever.

    I’m not seeing how this is debatable – this is false advertising IMO. Logan Square & Humboldt Park are “official” community areas, you ‘ll need more than a City of Chicago weblink to overrule that for my money (there are all sorts of problems on the City’s various websites).

    And I say that having no ill will against Humboldt Park, I’d be fine living at that location.

  • Carter,

    Numerous maps draw the boundary at North Avenue. Use the “boundary” toggle from the map you referenced, and you’ll find that it uses North Ave as the boundary between Logan Square and Humboldt Park. Here’s another city map that has North as the dividing line.

    You have a point about both Logan Square and Humboldt Park being official community areas though, and the official maps for both Logan and Humboldt place the boundary firmly at Bloomingdale.

    I have nothing against Humboldt either, and I take issue with your false advertising accusation. We aren’t advertising for anyone with this post, and as I clearly explained in this follow-up post, the agent representing the development says it’s in Humboldt, not Logan Square.

  • Brad,

    “Why not ban Bob now?”

    I prefer to give a warning before taking an extreme measure that we’ve only employed a very few times.

  • Nathan Dougal 9 years

    Not true my friend. I have been a resident for 9 years. My tenants and I have never had any problems.

  • Joe Green 9 years

    I hear they have 11 sold already. Who would have guessed? I went to their sales center and I was blow away with their finishes.

  • Carter 9 years

    Mark, are you really telling me that you referred to that map in order to determine where the property is located?

  • I had to pull my three flat from the market, foreclosures have really pushed down prices. But we conservatively guess each condo (or apartment unit) is worth 250 to 340 k based on the previous market values, in fact the rent we now charge, is the same as a mortgage payment. So basically each three flat is worth nearly a million dollars in Humboldt Park now. I really think anyplace overlooking that park is really valuable. Well, I’m done with my diatribe, I’m rollerblading to the lakefront to go sailing. And I live in HP.

  • Sharon 8 years

    I live around armitage and california (where logan ACTUALLY begins regardless of any map… and I am constantly hearing of shootings on the corner of north and california.. which is HUMBOLDT PARK and not any kind of silver district at all. Just two weeks ago a 10 year old boy was shot there.
    Not to mention, the community counseling center across the street and government aid agency across from that which always has a huge line of people lined up outside- drinking from paper bags among other behaviors.. Then there is the lovely north hotel right next door that is notorious for renting rooms by the hour.
    Anyone who is trying to convince themselves that this area is “up and coming” or “the new hot silver district” is fooling themselves. It will take YEARS if at all for these corners to change. My guess is that the young thirty-somethings pictured laughing and getting their hair cut on the outside of the building will end up driving their bmws and audis in and out of the parking area- once inside, staying put- and enjoying their new “community” which they actually will not be taking part in at all from the safety of their remarkable glass view. But the sound system and the ikea furniture are great- and no assessments for a year!!! Wow… Good luck!