Lincoln Park apartment guide

Lincoln Park’s boundaries are North Ave (1600 N) on the south, Diversey Pkwy (2800 N) on the north, from Lake Michigan west to the Chicago River. This guide covers only the area east of Halsted St (800 W).

Lincoln Park’s sub-neighborhoods include the Clybourn Corridor, DePaul, Mid North, Old Town Triangle, Park West, Ranch Triangle, Sheffield, West DePaul and Wrightwood. ZIP Code: 60614.

Lincoln Park is bordered on the north by Lakeview, on the west by Bucktown and Logan Square, and on the south by the Gold Coast and Old Town / Near North Side.

Most of the buildings listed in this guide are managed by current or former YoChicago advertisers, with the newest buildings listed first.

Apartment reviews

Review pages are visually rich and provide objective summary information about each property’s apartments, amenities and location. Where noted, they also feature narrated video walk-throughs of apartments and amenities.

Webster Square, Chicago

Webster Square, 558 W Webster Ave, 6 stories, 75 units, built in 2014.

Eugenie Terrace, Chicago

Eugenie Terrace, 1730 N Clark St, 44 stories, 575 units, built in 1987.

2555 N Clark, Chicago

2555 North Clark, 19 stories, 162 units, built in 1987.

Lincoln Park Plaza, Chicago

Lincoln Park Plaza, 600 W Diversey Pkwy, 17 stories, 249 units, built in 1982.

2630 North Hampden, Chicago

2630 North Hampden, 2630 N Hampden Ct, 5 stories, 67 units, built in 1969.

Park Lincoln by Reside, Chicago

Park Lincoln, 2470 N Clark St, 15 stories, 140 units, built in 1969.

Reside at 2727, Chicago

Reside at 2727, 2727 N Pine Grove Ave, 5 stories, 48 units, built in 1968.

Reside on North Park, Chicago

Reside on North Park, 1700 N North Park, 5 stories, 56 units, built in 1965.

451 Wrightwood, Chicago

451 Wrightwood, 451 W Wrightwood Ave, 14 stories, 172 units, built in 1928.

The Patricians, Chicago

The Patricians, 401 W Fullerton Pkwy, 17 stories, 276 units, built in 1928.

443 Wrightwood, Chicago

443 Wrightwood, 443 W Wrightwood Ave, 13 stories, 176 units, built in 1928.

2756 N Pine Grove, Chicago

2756 North Pine Grove, 2756 N Pine Grove Ave, 11 stories, 176 units, built in 1925

Belden-Stratford, Chicago

Belden-Stratford, 2300 N Lincoln Park West, 15 stories, 297 units, built in 1923.

Reside at 2525, Chicago

Reside at 2525, 2525 N Clark St, 2 stories, 12 units, built in 1923

Park View, Chicago

Park View, 1936 N Clark St, 10 stories, 202 units, built in the 1920s.

1940 N Lincoln, Chicago

1940 North Lincoln, 1940 N Lincoln Ave, 7 stories, built in the 1920s.

1939 N Lincoln, Chicago

1939 North Lincoln, 1939 N Lincoln Ave, built in the 1920s.

2046 N Orleans, Chicago

2046 North Orleans 4 stories, 76 units, built in the 1920s.

2051 N Sedgwick, Chicago

2051 North Sedgwick, 2051 N Sedgwick St, 4 stories, built in the 1920s.

Webster House, Chicago

Webster House, 2150 N Lincoln Park West, 14 stories, 186 units, built in 1920.

Reside on Clark, Chicago

Reside on Clark, 2200 N Clark St, 3 stories, 28 units, built in 1894.

The Pelham, Chicago

The Pelham, 2100 N Clark St, 4 stories, built in 1888.