River North apartment guide

Aerial view of River North, Chicago

The River North neighborhood is bounded on the east by Michigan Ave (150 E), on the north by Oak St (1000 N) and on the south and west by the Chicago River. River North includes parts of ZIP Codes 60610, 60611 and 60654.

River North is bordered on the east by the Mag Mile and Streeterville, on the north by the Gold Coast and Old Town / Near North Side, on the south by the Loop, and across the river on the west by the Fulton River District and River West.

River North has several very distinct sub-areas, ranging from the largely residential stretch west of the El tracks to a tourist-oriented mid-section, to a dense cluster of high-rises at its eastern border.

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Every major River North apartment building, with a total of more than 9,500 apartments, is listed in this guide. The newest buildings, including ones under construction, are listed first. All of the buildings are pet-friendly, subject to limits, and all of the newer buildings have on-site parking.

Apartment reviews

Review pages are visually rich and provide objective summary information about each property’s apartments, amenities and location. Where noted, they also feature narrated video walk-throughs of apartments and amenities.

8 East Huron, Chicago

8 East Huron is a 26-story building with 102 apartments and ground-level retail space, targeting fall 2017 occupancy.

  • Studio to 3-bedroom apartments, in-unit laundry
  • Website

View of 3Eleven location, Chicago

3Eleven, 311 W Illinois St, 25 stories, 245 units, pre-leasing summer 2017.

Niche 905, Chicago

Niche 905, 905 N Orleans St, 18 stories, 202 units, March 2017 occupancy.

  • Studio to 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartments, in-unit laundry
  • Review | Website

View east from Aurélien, Chicago

Aurélien, 833 N Clark St, 31 stories, 373 units, early 2017 occupancy.

  • Studio to 3-bedroom, 2-bath apartments, in-unit laundry
  • Review | Website

The Hudson, Chicago, at arrow

The Hudson, 750 N Hudson Ave, 25 stories, 240 units, pre-leasing spring 2017.

  • Studio to 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartments, in-unit laundry
  • Review | Website | 312-883-0776

640 N Wells, Chicago

Six Forty, 640 N Wells St, 22 stories, 251 units, summer 2017 occupancy.

  • Studio to 3-bedroom, 2-bath apartments, in-unit laundry
  • Review | Website

Gallery on Wells, Chicago

Gallery on Wells, 167 W Erie St, 39 stories, 442 units, 2017 occupancy.

  • Studio to 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartments, in-unit laundry
  • Review | Website

Exhibit on Superior, Chicago

Exhibit on Superior, 165 W Superior St, 35 stories, 298 units, mid-January 2017 occupancy.

Next, Chicago

Next, 347 W Chestnut St, 29 stories, 310 units, built in 2016.

The Hensley, Chicago

The Hensley, 707 N Wells St, 11 stories, 43 units, built in 2016.

Wolf Point West, River North, Chicago

Wolf Point West, 343 W Wolf Point Plaza, 48 stories, 493 units, built in 2016.

State & Chestnut pool deck, Chicago

State & Chestnut, 845 North State, 35 stories, 367 units, built in 2015

Jones Chicago

Jones Chicago, 220 W Illinois St, 25 stories, 188 units, built in 2015.

Eight O Five, Chicago

Eight O Five, 805 N LaSalle St, 33 stories, 295 units, built in 2015

AMLI River North, Chicago

AMLI River North, 71 W Hubbard St, 50 stories, 409 units, built in 2013.

Hubbard Place, Chicago

Hubbard Place, 360 W Hubbard St, 43 stories, 450 units, built in2013.

Flair Tower, Chicago

Flair Tower, 222 W Erie St, 26 stories, 198 units, built in 2010.

EnV, Chicago

EnV, 161 W Kinzie St, 28 stories, 249 units, built in 2010

Parc Huron, Chicago

Parc Huron, 469 W Huron St, 21 stories, 221 units, built in 2010.

Kingsbury Plaza pool deck

Kingsbury Plaza, 520 N Kingsbury St, 43 stories, 420 units, built in 2007

The Bernardin, Chicago

The Bernardin, 747 N Wabash Ave, 25 stories, 171 units, built in 2005.

Grand Plaza, Chicago

Grand Plaza, 540 N State St, 56 stories, 481 units, built in 2003.

Chestnut Tower sundeck, Chicago

Chestnut Tower, 121 W Chestnut St, 36 stories, 230 units, built in 2000.

One Superior Place, Chicago

One Superior Place, 1 W Superior St, 52 stories, 809 units, built in 1999.

The Chicagoan, Chicago

The Chicagoan, 750 N Rush St, 37 stories, 221 units, built in 1990.

One East Delaware, Chicago

One East Delaware, 1 E Delaware Pl, 36 stories, 306 units, built in 1989.

West77, Chicago

west77, 77 W Huron St, 25 stories, 304 units, built in 1988.

River North Park, Chicago

River North Park, 320 W Illinois St, 24 stories, 399 units, built in 1986.

100 W Chestnut, Chicago

100 West Chestnut, 100 W Chestnut St, 30 stories, 280 units, built in 1983.

Chestnut Place, Chicago

Chestnut Place, 8 W Chestnut St, 30 stories, 280 units, built in 1982.

Asbury Plaza, Chicago

Asbury Plaza, 750 N Dearborn St, 33 stories, 384 units, built in 1981.

55 W Chestnut, Chicago

55 West Chestnut, 55 W Chestnut St, 29 stories, built in 1967.

25 E Delaware, Chicago

25 East Delaware, 25 E Delaware Pl, 18 stories, 140 units, built in 1927.