A few views of Farwell at the Lake

Farwell at the Lake, 1125 W Farwell Ave Farwell at the Lake, 1125 W Farwell Ave

The second stop on my tour with Steve Breinling was Farwell at the Lake, 1125 W Farwell Ave, another one of those Rubloff Your Team developments that I wrote about not too long ago. Farwell at the Lake’s biggest draw is the one thing I couldn’t capture adequately with yesterday’s whiteout conditions: its proximity to and views of Lake Michigan. Being the very last development at the Farwell Avenue cul-de-sac, the building has direct, unobstructed sight-lines to Loyola Park and the lake. In fact, all 15 of its units have east-facing balconies, ensuring that everyone in the building gets the same view.

Now, I did trudge around Loyola Park with the video camera following my walk-through. Some of that footage, along with video of my model tour, will be up in the near future. For now, all I can give you are a few shots of the two-bedroom Breinling showed me.

The latest availability sheet for Farwell at the Lake has slightly lower price points than the ones Michelle Browne gave me last month. Homes how start in the $230s for a 900 square-foot two-bedroom / one-bath home and reach into the $390s for a 1,400 square-foot two-bedroom / two-bath. What’s more, the building appears to have a single garden unit for sale in the $140s.

Assessments for Farwell at the Lake’s available units will run from approximately $108 to $229 per month.

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Farwell at the Lake, 1125 W Farwell Ave

Farwell at the Lake, 1125 W Farwell Ave

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