A note on Realtor-bashing

A spate of recent comments has me mulling a phenomenon I’ve noticed repeatedly over the years.

Almost all Realtor-bashing on Web sites comes from people who’ve never worked with one or were too lazy to source out a good one. Almost all of the negative commentary is hopelessly juvenile in tone, and leaves one with the impression that the commenter is either sorely in need of a remedial reading program or a refill of their prescription.

Smart buyers and sellers may grumble about the price / commission they pay, or may express a legitimate grievance with a particular Realtor, but don’t waste their time – or yours – hurling general insults at the entire profession.

I don’t believe that people who are actively in the market for a home have any interest whatsoever in the negativity and, in fact, find it annoying and distracting.

If I’m wrong on any of that, let me know.

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