A serene private park at a Gold Coast mansion

The historic residence at 1547 N Dearborn Pkwy in Chicago’s Gold Coast was designed by August Fiedler in 1891. It boasts more than 18,000 square feet of opulent space, 12 bedrooms, 12 ½ baths, a coach house above a seven-car garage and additional on-site parking.

The serene private yard is unmatched in scale, with walking paths that meander among seasonal plantings shaded by mature trees.

The home is currently listed for sale at $18,750,000 with Mary Bennett and Jim Kramer of Koenig & Strey. Jim and Caitlyn Terrell of Koenig & Strey are your hosts in the video.


  • Jared 5 years

    Used to walk by this place daily. Would love to see an inside tour Joe.

    • Jared,

      I only went in the kitchen when I was there, and didn’t look around the house. I did check out the yard in detail, which satisfied me that it’s a very special place.

      Here’s a random shot of the octagonal domed skylight above the kitchen island:

      That I wasn’t tempted to wander the home is a sign that I’ve spent too much time in too many mansions.

      If this home’s still on the market in a month or two, I’ll reconsider visiting it for an interior tour.

      Some trivia: the home once belonged to Phil Farley, who built Piper’s Alley, started PJ Clarke’s and more before spiraling downward. If memory serves, Phil had carved 9 apartments out of the home in addition to the space he lived in.