A tree falls in Lincoln Park

1907 North Burling Street

Nature has taken another hit in its epic battle with man. Today the Chicago Tribune reports on the 1900 block of Burling Street in Lincoln Park, which began yesterday lined with a 100-year-old silver maple tree and ended it with a stump and plans for another single-family home. Developer Karl Norberg, who plans to inhabit the home he’ll build on the lot, fought with nearby property owners for more than two years over the health of the tree and his right to cut it down. Not everyone is sad to see the 80-foot-tall tree go– a lawyer who lives two doors down told the Tribune, “I can get a better view of downtown now from my roof deck.” Perhaps he can invite the Crying Indian over to admire the city lights. Elsewhere on the block, McNaughton Group has a six-bedroom single-family home at 1907 N Burling (pictured) listed for $4 million.

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