Guide sponsorship

Guide sponsorship

YoChicago guides are designed to highlight an area of interest in sales, rentals or advice, typically in a particular community or neighborhood.

Guides are information rich and feature current news and video but also comparative lists that make it easy for viewers to research useful information about a particular topic.

YoChicago will even write a guide specific to a topic or niche that you can use to target a specific audience with you as the exclusive sponsor.

Sponsors have the options of top advertising and editorial positions on the guides that attract their target audience.

Exclusive sponsors

  • All ad positions – top & right
  • Quoted references in the overview
  • Primary video position
  • Primary position in guide lists

Participating sponsors

  • Choice of available ad positions
  • Secondary video positions
  • Secondary position in guide lists

View and/or print our introductory guide sponsorship pricing (pdf).