An in-Spire-d contest announcement

The Chicago Architectural Club Mine the Gap Spire hole contest art

Have a plan for the Chicago Spire hole? It may be worth $3,500.

Taking cues from a variety of snarky blog posts, newspaper columns, and message board discussions, the Chicago Architectural Club has dedicated its 2010 Chicago Prize Competition “to examining one of the most visible scars left after the collapse of the real estate market in Chicago.”

Individual and team participants in the “Mine the Gap” contest have until May 3 to draw up and submit a new plan for the Spire’s foundation hole. Competitors are encouraged to think outside the box for the site — contest materials discourage the design of a new condo tower to replace the Spire, and instead encourages participants to “investigate the potential of the discipline of architecture when the real-estate market provides neither significant opportunities or constraints.”

Judges Lynn Becker, Preston Scott Cohen, Martin Felsen, Jeanne Gang, and Robert Somol will select submissions for first, second, and third place, which will receive cash awards of $3,500, $1,500, and $750, respectively.

What do you think — anyone out there in Yo-ville up to the task?

(Hat tip to Blair Kamin for the link.)

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