Apartment deals, reviews, lists and maps

Start your apartment search with a YoChicago list. Every major apartment building in a neighborhood is on most of our lists, along with links to near real-time rent and availability info for most of the buildings, and links to video tours where available.

The lists also link to YoChicago reviews, which link to the property websites. Reviews give you a visually rich, objective look at the location, apartments, amenities and services of major apartment buildings.

Deals pages list special offers and new and rarely-available apartments from YoChicago advertisers.

- Click on a neighborhood name to view a map

BucktownReviews, List

Buena ParkReviews, List

EvanstonReviews, List

Fulton River DistrictDeals, Reviews, List

Gold CoastDeals, Reviews, List

Hyde Park / KenwoodReviews, List

Lakeshore East – Reviews, List

LakeviewDeals, Reviews, List

Lincoln ParkDeals, Reviews, List

LoopReviews, List

Near North SideReviews, List

New East SideReviews, List

Old TownReviews, List

River NorthDeals, Reviews, List

River WestReviews, List

Rogers ParkReviews, List

South LoopDeals, Reviews, List

StreetervilleDeals, Reviews, List

UptownReviews, List

West LoopDeals, Reviews, List

Wicker ParkReviews, List

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