Big blue thing on Armitage provokes anger, horror, disbelief, ridicule

I stopped at 741 W Armitage Ave / 1970 N Burling St this morning just long enough to take a few pictures and hear a sampling of area residents’ reactions to the big blue thing you see pictured above. They ranged from disbelief to anger to horror to ridicule.

One woman had the following to say: “I can’t believe the owner wants to advertise that he has the smallest penis in Lincoln Park.” Another called it “the ugliest house in Lincoln Park” and a guy on a bike laughed about “the shack on top of the house.”

Several people noted that the big blue thing overhung the north and east sidewalks onto the public way.

If people followed through on the plans they expressed, Ald. Michele Smith‘s phone was ringing steadily this morning.

The building permit has the owner’s emergency phone number on it – but the number doesn’t exist, and public records do not show John Novak with a connection to the owner’s address shown on the permit.

ADDED: Lots of commentary on this at EveryBlock, and more at ABC 7 and NBC 5.

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