Chicago deal of the day: three free parking spaces at Metropolis penthouse

Click to enlarge Say you’d love to live downtown, but you wonder where you’re going to park your three Rolls Royces (or Bentleys, or Nissan Altimas – whichever way your taste and budget run). Metropolis, the high-rise conversion at 8 W Monroe St in the Loop, has a solution: a penthouse now comes with three free parking spaces, each valued at $43,800, as part of a developer closeout.

The 4,061-square-foot duplex, with drywall in place and finishes not yet installed, is priced “as is” at $2.2 million, according to a press release from the developer.

We posted last June that only two penthouses were left in the building, but it now appears that beside the penthouse, 10 units remain: four one-bedrooms priced from $258,800 and five two-bedrooms priced from $369,800. One three-bedroom two-bath unit is $599,800.

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