Chicago’s most authoritative neighborhood boundary descriptions

If you spend much time searching for real estate in Chicago, or reading about it at local websites, you’ll see that confusion over neighborhood boundaries is a recurring theme.

Chicago’s real estate community bears part of the responsibility for that, given its all-too-frequent upgrading of properties to more desirable adjacent neighborhoods. In my experience, the agents are far more often ignorant than dishonest.

YoChicago’s neighborhood pages offer as definitive a set of neighborhood boundaries as you’ll find anywhere – and our boundary descriptions have been copied by many sites. We established our boundary definitions, and refined them, over nearly three decades of talking to people about neighborhood boundaries and seeing how those boundaries play out on the streets of Chicago.

If you’re unsure of a neighborhood’s boundaries, we’re confident that you can rely on our descriptions. That said, neighborhood boundaries are always in a bit of flux and subject to periodic redefinition. If you spot what you think is an error on our pages, weigh in with a comment.