Concept vs. execution: Inside Emerald's common spaces

Emerald Emerald

I’ll admit it: Emerald‘s artwork makes me laugh. Instead of touting the buildings’ skyline views or interior finishes, most of Emerald’s promo art focuses on lifestyle, namely a lifestyle of hanging with hot young professionals and getting sauced. (Green hues and lots of booze…are you sure you aren’t in the market for a West Loop condo, irishpirate?)

Emerald’s development and marketing staff opened the buildings’ lobby and lounges yesterday. It was an alcohol-free affair, but I was surprised at how closely the finished product matched these renderings. Lots of green-upholstered couches and chairs, lots of green light emanating from behind mirrors and LCD TVs, and lots of green silk blobs and pickle spears hanging from the ceilings and walls.

John Robert Wiltgen‘s interior-design team designed both the “Green Room” lounge on the development’s north side and the Club Emerald bar on its south side. Wiltgen, developer Bill Senne, and members of the Pappageorge / Haymes architecture team spoke at yesterday’s grand opening. Keep an eye on Yo for their comments and other video from my visit.

Emerald Emerald

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