Condo development courts the tree-hugger market in Logan Square

Kedzie Square

Recently we’ve told you about Kedzie Square and a host of other developments in store for the Logan Square area. Now we’ve got some more details on Kedzie Square, Brighton Development‘s 28-unit new-construction slated for 2065 N Kedzie Ave. According to a press release from marketers Koenig & Strey, the “environment-friendly” project will use recycled masonry, steel framing and other materials.

The developer also plans to use interior paints low in volatile organic compounds, reflective roofing that minimizes heat absorption and bamboo flooring “taken from fields that have not been clear-cut.” There’s even the potential for a “solar thermal system” that pre-heats resident’s water. We wonder, does that mean cold showers on cloudy days?

Come to think of it, we also wonder why no one can come up with a term better than “environment-friendly.” Eco-rific? Enviro-fabulous? Anyone have a better idea?

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