Construction underway at sold-out Basecamp River North

Building permits have issued for Basecamp River North, the new rowhome development at 450 W Oak St, and construction is underway.

The 47-unit Near North Side development was first announced last December, and has sold out.

Basecamp River North will enjoy some of the best rowhome views in Chicago when it’s complete.


  • Hello 4 years

    from that photo it appears as though foundations for two of the buildings are already completed, what did they need building permits for?

  • the urban politician 4 years

    Call me picky, but I really wish more new construction rowhomes/townhomes in Chicago had staircases leading up to the front door. Perhaps it is my years living in New York that has something to do with it. There is something graceful about those concrete steps leading up to a brownstone…

    • evilp 4 years

      It has something to do with the accessibility code; if you develop spec housing over a certain number of units you have to provide easy access to the building for wheelchairs.

  • Hello 4 years

    would be pointless to have staircases here in this isolated and gated community. Its not like the homes abut the street. I sure as heck don’t want unnecessary stairs to climb and I’m sure my dogs wouldn’t either!

  • Hello,

    The security gates are to parking areas. There is direct access to some of the units from the street. The location likely won’t be “isolated” for long.

    The main living areas are at ground level, and that more than anything else would make staircases worse than pointless.

  • ardecila 4 years

    several of the basecamp rowhomes do in fact have staircases from the street.

  • Here’s a copy of the site plan (pdf), which should clarify the staircase issue.