Curbed on Rodkin on McLean

Earlier today Curbed Chicago reported on Dennis Rodkin’s Chicago Magazine report on the sale of Dan McLean’s RiverView penthouse. At $2.85M this strikes me as a great buy.

I shot the above video on one of two tours of the penthouse, with different real estate agents. Part two of the video, with a walk around the spectacular wraparound terrace, is at YouTube.

MCL Companies’ Dan McLean, who I’ve known for about 30 years, and who’s been a client of ours, is a great Chicago story. I sat down with Dan a while back, and you can see our chat in this six-part video at YouTube. You’ll see McLean’s accurate take on the fate of the Chicago Spire (a parcel he once owned), and learn that he was accelerating his development efforts while others were scaling them back.

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