Drinkin' in Lincoln (Park): part 2

McGee's Tavern

McGee’s Tavern 950 W Webster Ave
You’re drinking: a bucket of Miller Lite bottles

A Lincoln Park standard in the Irish college sports bar category, McGee’s has cheap beer, loud music and flat-screen televisions every three feet.

The bar becomes uncomfortably crowded on many nights, and rowdy college students and recent grads, lured by dollar beers and raging hormones, make up the bulk of the clientele. The doorman gave me a tough look and took an extra few seconds to examine my driver’s license, no doubt due to the popularity of fake ID’s in the area. It felt like freshman year all over again.

Like any sports pub worth its liquor license, McGee’s has a decent menu of bar snacks and sandwiches, and has cheap drink specials nearly every night of the week.

If you’re looking to rehash your college days, you’re currently in the midst of them, or you’re just looking to get plowed for under twenty bucks, this is probably on your short list of places to go.

More like it: Halligan Bar, 2274 N Lincoln Ave, one of many similar spots along the two-block stretch of Lincoln Avenue from Fullerton to Webster. Kelly’s Pub, across the street from McGee’s, has a heavy amount of go-between.

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