Goodbye Sheridan Tower… hello Aquilo!

2930 N Sheridan Ave, ChicagoIt seems like every time we turn around, someone has rebranded this Lakeview East tower. Back in the day, Kroupa Development’s 22-story conversion at 2930 N Sheridan Rd was known as “Sheridan Tower.” By last summer, it was the meatier “Twenty Nine Thirty Sheridan Tower,” named “Lakeview’s fastest selling development” by its @properties sales team. Just a couple weeks ago, the Tribune was running some conspicuously broker-free ads for “2930 Sheridan,” complete with a new logo and what appeared to be some slightly higher price points.

It’s a new year, which must mean another new start for this tower, because it’s just popped up on the Jameson site as “Aquilo,” “Chicago’s Most Successful Condominium Conversion in East Lakeview.” For those of you who aren’t up on your Roman mythology, Aquilo was “the god of the cold north wind and the bringer of winter,” which is just the kind of gallows humor I’d expect from a good real-estate marketing team these days. Or maybe it’s seasonal, which means we can expect Auster, Vulturnus and Favonius at various points throughout the year.

According to Jameson’s Web site, one-bedroom / one-bath units are priced from the $210s to the $230s, and two-bedrooms with one or two baths are priced from the $240s to the $340s. The listings don’t include square footage but describe the one-bedrooms as “huge,” with two walk-in closets and “great storage,” while the two-bedrooms are “generous.” If these units are anything like the ones at Kroupa’s other Lakeview East conversion, 3033 North Sheridan, those prices apply to the homes “as-is.” Sure enough, the homes’ listings include references to $5,000 upgrade packages that include granite countertops, 42-inch kitchen cabinets, stainless-steel appliances, marble bath finishes, and hardwood floors.

Utility-wise, the homes have washer / dryer hookups, as well as electric radiant heating. Assessments covering a variety of utilities, maintenance costs and common insurance come out to $224 to $340 a month, according to the homes’ listings.

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