Historic Wicker mansion sells for nearly $2.5M

1407 N Hoyne Ave

It ain’t the worst downturn we’ve ever seen, but times are getting a little lean for sales agents, which makes ’em pretty proud of sales like this one. The historic mansion at 1407 N Hoyne Ave, in Wicker Park, recently sold for $2,466,700. Jane Shawkey and Anne Ewasko, of Rubloff Residential Properties, had listed it at $2.5 million about five weeks earlier.

The 1885 Second Empire house sits on four city lots and has about 6,200 square feet of living space on four levels. While there’s plenty of reason to be nervous about the current market in the short term, sometimes it’s instructive to consider long-term trends. In this case, the seller, Mike Conover, bought this mansion in 1980 for $150,000.


  • Alan 11 years

    If it is indeed on (4) city lots, it’s not that bad of a deal considering that the land alone is worth maybe $2m ($500k/lot).

  • paulj 11 years

    But is it stretched over the 4 lots? The building cannot be razed, I hope. Please tell me it is landmarked/protected.

  • UptownR 11 years

    I’m pretty sure that entire stretch is in a Landmark District. Much of Wicker Park is, which is why you see less teardown action than further north in Bucktown.