Humorous Realtor fail of the day

The Realtor, as allowed by MLS rules, opted not to display the address of this rental listing.

There are a variety of reasons why a Realtor might do that. Perhaps they don’t really have a listing but are seeking to attract prospects. That’s unlikely in this case, since the agent is affiliated with a major brokerage firm.

In some cases the client requests that the address be withheld. That occurs, on occasion, with upper-bracket properties for varying reasons. My favorite: “I don’t want my kids to think they’re living in a $5 million house.”

More often than not a Realtor withholds the address under the delusional belief that not disclosing it will elicit more calls or emails. Good luck with that approach.

Whatever reason the Realtor might have had in this instance, she didn’t achieve her goal of withholding the address. It’s clearly Huron Plaza, 30 E Huron, as seen in the listing’s primary photo. And the Subdivision field that surfaces at many Realtor websites clearly states the address as 30 E Huron.

Result: Realtor fail.

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