Introducing 1555 North Talman: "Green certified" in "West Wicker Park"

1555 N Talman in Humboldt Park, Chicago

Judging from a list of building features and finishes, the eight units at 1555 N Talman St appear to be quite the eco-friendly homes. An @properties marketing brochure (PDF) lists Energy Star appliances, “private live green roofs w/ panoramic skyline views,” an EcoSpace elevator, water-saving toilets and zero-VOC paints. Still, the brochure’s author raised more questions than it answered regarding the building’s green status.

1555 TalmanThe first thing to catch my eye was the recycling symbol in the photo at right. Those arrows stand for “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle,” but I didn’t see anything about recycled materials in that list of green features. Maybe, as Joe suggests, they’re just using the logo to hide that ceiling fan.

The brochure also states:

Unique Luxury “Green Certified” New Construction in West Wicker Park!


This building is Green Certified (LEED certified) by the City of Chicago – it reduces the negative environmental impacts of buildings and improves occupant health and well-being.

I’m not sure what it means to say that the project is “green certified,” but the city of Chicago doesn’t have the authority to hand down LEED certification – that’s the US Green Building Council‘s job. The city does certify projects under the Chicago Green Homes program. Has it received certification through both programs, or has someone confused one for the other? We’ll keep checking on that one.

As for this “West Wicker Park” claim, Talman Street is five blocks west of Western Avenue, Wicker Park’s western border. Since it’s really located in the heart of Humboldt Park, I’d suggest doing something about that blank white wall, because it’s just begging to be tagged. I’m surprised it hasn’t been hit already, because there’s already some graffiti on its North Avenue face.

The building has both single-floor and duplex homes. The MLS has listings for a 1,685 square-foot two-bedroom / two-bath priced in the $490s and a 1,958 square-foot three-bedroom / three-bath duplex priced in the $640s. A couple of rental units are listed as well.

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Graffiti at 1555 North Talman 1555 North Talman

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