Is EnV Chicago’s worst new apartment tower?

I’ve recently updated our Near North at-a-glance apartment list and map with several new links to online availability checks, and added links to Yelp reviews that had been unavailable at the time the list was created.

EnV is the only new apartment tower to receive the lowest possible rating from all of its reviewers on Yelp.

Although there’s every reason to be cautious about the validity of Yelp reviews, the ones from EnV residents (and one person claiming to be a frequent visitor) appear credible. The complaints about the building and its management are highly specific and fact-based – and have elicited responses from management that seem to validate some of the specifics.

Some of the problems suggested in the Yelp reviews appear to be easily remediable while others – noise issues, skimpy closet space, slow elevators and awkward floor plans – aren’t susceptible to a quick fix. We wrote about the closet space at EnV nearly a year ago.

There’s a completely different take on the building in the single review at

If you have not seen the building I would Recommend looking at the place and seeing For yourself the beautiful EnV of Chicago you Will not be let down!

It’s hard for me to imagine an actual renter who would write that, but anything is possible.

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