Is Jerome Bressler Chicago’s sleaziest rental agent?

A year ago in October we questioned whether Jerome Bressert was Chicago’s sleaziest rental agent.

We didn’t receive any nominations for that award, but we did just receive a comment on our post wondering whether Bressert was doing business under the name of Jerome Bressler.

We checked Bressert’s website and his profile at Exit Strategy Realty (pictured above) and, sure enough, Jerome Bressert has become Jerome Bressler.

I placed a call to Nick Libert, the managing broker at Exit Strategy who informed me that he has a copy of a Cook County document verifying that Bressert has legally changed his name to Jerome Bressler. Libert indicated that the name change had been forwarded to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). The IDFPR license database does not yet reflect the name change and Libert stated he will follow up to ensure that it does.

Libert reports that he has spoken with clients of Bressert / Bressler, and that they have given him very positive reviews.

After speaking with Libert I checked the procedures for a name change in Cook County. Among other requirements: “must have no convictions or any felonies, otherwise you must wait 10 years to change your name.” We had previously reported on a guilty plea by Bressert in DuPage County to a Class A misdemeanor that apparently doesn’t bar a name change.

If you’re handing over the keys to your apartment to Jerome Bressler, or getting in a car with him to view apartments, you should ask yourself whether you’re comfortable dealing with Jerome Bressert. I wouldn’t be. In my opinion, a rogue by any other name doesn’t smell any sweeter.

Bressert’s name change is a first for a Chicago agent in my experience, except for changes incident to marriage. It led me to wonder whether this is his first name change.

On a separate note, Libert reports that he promptly terminated Bryan Duffy after Duffy’s most recent arrest.

Note: This post has been modified to delete an image of and a reference to a different Brian Duffy.


  • Out of over 100 agents, this was indeed a first for me too. We’ve had excellent reviews from Jerome’s clients and he has been a pleasure to work with. I do not know who DTZ Americas is as Duffy was terminated by us. I am always happy to answer any questions or help consumers should they have anything less than a perfect experience with our team, feel free to email me directly. Thanks Joe and staff…

  • Jerome 5 years

    Really? wow! I did over 165 rentals last year and all you do is try to bring me down. I have a 5 Star review on every site I know of. If you have it out for me, then call me. let go out and talk this out. I have done nothing but created the best solution to finding people rentals. I am not sure what kind of guy you are, but trying to put people down is not the person you want to be known for. You have my contact information, use it and lets meet

  • Jerome,

    We chatted on the phone and I explained why I have no interest in meeting with you and how much credence I place in online reviews.

    On October 30, 2013 I posted a question of whether you were Chicago’s sleaziest real estate agent. On October 31, a day later, someone posted this online.

    I’ve had credible sources tell me that you called them “faggots” and considered that an insult. I’m not gay and I’m not insulted by having been called gay. I think people who consider it an insult are despicable creeps. The sequence of my post and the one I linked, together with your name-calling, leave me believing that you’re the source of the linked post.

    You’ve put yourself down. I want to be known for providing people information that’s relevant when they’re making a decision about working with a rental agent.

  • Jerome 5 years

    I just talked to Joe who wrote this article. I explained what happened with my “criminal” deal The first one was Child Endangerment… In this deal, my son,at the age of 10, went to Walmart and stole a shirt, the police got him and took him to my home and we did NOT have a phone in the house and charged me. I told them he had his own cell, but they did not care about that answer.

    The 2nd, is when my x Gretchen Jones from Itasca…and son Danny Jones who was 21 at the time, Danny started a fight with me and he pushed me over and over,,, I pushed him back, the police showed up and someone had to leave, that was me, yes, it was not what I wanted to happen It just happened, It could have happened to anyone.

    I asked Joe to meet with me face to face 4 times, he refused. I still have an open invitation for him to meet with me he hides behind the words he writes.

    You can see my reviews here. I treat my clients with the best respect and I welcome you to call me. I have nothing to hide.

    I did ask Joe if he would want all the contact info of all my clients to call them and ask them about me and he refused. I asked him again and he refused. I said I have nothing to hide and he said my back ground spoke for its self. But at the same time, he would not take me up on speaking to my wonderful clients. I told him “Good Luck Joe”

    [phone # deleted]

  • Requests for orders of protection don’t happen to just anyone, Jerome. You didn’t mention that Gretchen Jones requested one against you.

    Any thoughts you’d like to share on your Scottsdale DUI plea, Jerome?

  • Kyle from Exit Strategy 5 years

    I found an intresting fan page made for Jerome Bressler:

    [url redacted]

  • Micky Van Stamp 4 years

    I definitely agree that Jerome is the Sleaziest Real Estate Agent in Chicago and probably even worse a human being in general. Constantly lies and inflates his numbers too. The big question is WHY does he keep changing his name? It’s Jerome Bressert. He also goes by a number of different aliases which change frequently when his past catches up with him.

  • Micky Van Stamp 4 years

    And he did call people faggots, among other flavorful words and actions and was banned from doing business with Planned Properties because of this.

  • Micky Van Stamp 4 years

    Just reading what Jerome Bressert (Bressler) writes about Why he was arrested and blaming his Ex’s son for pushing him. The police were called and arrested Bressert / (Bressler) because Jerome dumped gasoline around the back of their house and threatened to light the house on fire. Danny tried to stop Jerome and Jerome assaulted and physically assaulted Danny. Bressert / Bressler wasn’t “asked to leave” he was arrested.

  • Micky Van Stamp 4 years

    And it makes you question and wonder about Exit Strategy Realty continuing to keep in employ and stand up for a guy like this, when They Know the entire story.

  • anon 4 years

    I was personally there when the Jerome was arrested. He did pour gasoline on the back of the house while his family was still in the house. He has also left me threatening voice mails accusing me of breaking into his house and has repeatedly insulted me. Jerome isn’t the just the sleaziest rental agent, but a horrible human being in general, and him denying this all makes him look worse.

  • anon,

    You have no name and a phony email address. Everyone needs to be skeptical of any information from an unknown source.

  • Kelly 4 years

    I had the displeasure of spending some time with Jerome recently after having not seen him for 7 years. He was my neighbor in Arizona from 2008 to 2009 and we have stayed in contact intermittently on Facebook over the years, but I hadn’t physically seen him until this past weekend.

    I have to say, what a disaster this individual is and how he manipulates every situation into some uneducated findings he has trumped up in his head. There are so many things I could bore you with in relation to his way of thinking but I will just stick to the things that are beneficial to this article.

    First of all, he had changed his name from Jerome Bressert to Jay Edward Beach and back to Jerome Bressert in AZ where he also got a DUI there.

    Over the past 7 years since he lived in AZ, he got married, got divorced, attempted to burn their house down, then assaulted his 2nd wife’s son after he tried to stop him from doing so. Then, she filed a restraining order/order of protection against him and rightfully so because he was trying to damage her professional licensure and reputation (this is how sleazy he truly is). Then, he was arrested for child endangerment after his 10 yr. old son (now 14) was arrested for shoplifting and Jerome was not home like any responsible parent should be.

    The arrest was not because they did not have a home phone (one of his multiple lies and curving of the truths). His daughter is currently in juvenile detention after assaulting their mother. He spent countless of times on the phone with her getting her to lie in court and say that she never hit her mother (once again proving to be that positive role model – lie in court??).

    He badmouths the children’s mother like no tomorrow and does it around them thereby giving no credence to the fact that he was once married to her, and the mere fact that she is their mother!! However, somehow, she was okay enough for him to dump his kids on her so that he could attempt to live a farce of a single, bachelor life in the city. Instead of continuing to raise his children and move into the suburbs, he decided to think of his own selfish needs and gave their mother (he seems to trash so much) custody since she did move to the suburbs & the kids could go to a better school and live in a more stable environment.

    Then, the daughter assaulted her, and she was sent to juvenile detention. So, after being raised by Jerome in a not-so-positive role model environment, both kids have broken the law before their 18th birthdays. And, he wants custody of them?

    Over the weekend, Jerome consumed alcohol considerably, and drove his car all over the city while he was drinking. In the last 6 months, he got another DUI in another county as well as child endangerment because his son was in the car. He made some excuse that because he didn’t do a Breathalyzer, he was automatically found guilty? Not sure if this is true since I don’t live in Chicago. However, he stated that if he had, he most assuredly would have been sober even though he admitted to being sloshed 4-5 hours earlier. I’m pretty sure 4-5 hours after being hammered would not have deemed him driver-worthy, let alone, sober.

    Anyway, if Exit Realty wants a wonderful, positive role model such as Jerome, that’s their prerogative since obviously the bottom line is whether he can generate revenue, and he obviously does that. But, as a human being, as someone you would want to drive around in the car with to look at rentals or what have you, I would definitely look elsewhere. And, as a human being, I wouldn’t even look in his direction.

    Everything he will tell you will be delusional and completely skewed to serve his needs and his needs alone. I almost convinced him to move south to where I live, but no thank you. We don’t need another sleazy, law-breaking, and total scam artist living in the midst. We like to keep our numbers low.

    Lastly, don’t discredit someone who posts anonymously. If Jerome had obviously harassed her before for having to witness his unsavory and wonderful law-abiding behavior, then who’s to say he wouldn’t do it again after reading her post on here?