"Is Old Irving Park going to hell?"

Chicagoist points readers toward a discussion on EveryBlock about Old Irving Park, and whether the neighborhood is on the skids.

Among the problems post author “Ron Tough” outlines at the outset: “Burglary. Strong arm robberies. Armed robberies. Drug dealing. Increased gang activity.” The commenters seem skeptical but civil, but Chicagoist calls the original post “a crash course in ‘Anonymous Thinly Veiled Internet Racism 101.'”

Any Old Irving Parkers care to chime in?


  • futuredoc 8 years

    People should stop looking to live in an urban panacia, even the people in LP,LV and practice proper safety procedures. A woman in LP left her window open and was robbed and i think raped.
    A ‘hood is on the skids when there is an increase in apartment buildings, liter, takeout places, single parents and government subsidised housing .This is when you know its time to leave and not when there is some inevitable crime.