Is Rent Proactive shafting landlords?

Rent Proactive postcard Chicago IL

We’ve written previously asking Ginger Summers of Rent Proactive to cut the crap on Craigslist and on Yelp. Ginger’s with one of the rental services / locaters / finders that we call bedbugs.

At the outset of a meeting yesterday, a Chicago landlord looked at me and said “you aren’t going to believe this” as he handed me the above postcard.

The postcard had been slipped under the threshold of 100s of the landlord’s doors, inviting his residents to bedbug fodder.

I wasn’t at all surprised that a locator service / bedbug had attempted to solicit away tenants it might have been paid to place with a landlord. Unethical behavior is the bedbug business model and their core – perhaps their only – competency. And Ginger Summers is bidding fair to become a one-woman slime wave.

It isn’t that difficult to find an apartment in Chicago, and we strongly recommend you work directly with landlords. You can find links to every downtown Chicago and Lincoln Park apartment complex and management company in our rental Guides and in our at-a-glance list of rentals.

Avoid the bedbugs. If you’re not sure who the bedbugs are, consult our do-not-call list..

If you are going to use a bedbug, go prepared by reading the twenty-five things the rental services don’t want you to know.

If you’re a landlord who wants to help tenants fnid their next apartment, see our suggestions for an easy way to clean up Craigslist,

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