New CA23 Web site cashes in on sex appeal

Screen cap from CA23 featurette Screen cap from CA23 featurette

While other developers are toning things down and trying to woo buyers with price reductions and practical incentives, The Brixton Group is taking a different tack with the launch of CA23’s flashy new Web site, cultivating an image of “urban chic” and sexy sophistication.

For the most part, the Flash-animated site features what you’d expect to find in a development Web site: floor plans, specs, photos of the furnished model. But the “CA23 Featurette” video takes a detour into urban fantasyland.

Cue Astrud Gilberto‘s soothing voice and sets of clothes strewn on a bedroom floor. A lifeless button-down shirt lifts itself into the air, and a lady’s hands button it up across the man’s torso. By the time the woman starts walking backwards, you realize that everything is in reverse. An after-work domestic love scene unfolds (or folds?), leading to the inevitable slogan: “Life begins here.”

If you get past the perfume-commercial intro, the rest of CA23’s videos aren’t too bad. Belgravia Group founder Buzz Ruttenberg makes a cameo to praise his son’s project (going so far as to draw a parallel between his family’s development sensibilities and his mother’s Jackson Pollock collection), and architect Steven McFadden of FitzGerald Associates offers a few comments on the development’s design.

In other CA23-related news, The Brixton Group will be hosting a “red with envy” gala next Wednesday, Feb. 11, from 6 to 9 p.m. For more details, visit the Brixton Group Web site.

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