Notable new listings in Glenview’s Keck & Keck Solar Park

The Solar Park subdivision, a creation of architects Keck & Keck, dates to the early 1940s – a period when what we now call World War II had dramatically increased energy costs.

Solar Park is on the south side of Glenview Road and is bordered on the east and south by the Harms Woods forest preserve.

One of the homes in Solar Park, a 5-bedroom, 3-bath on a half-acre site at 801 Glenview Rd in Glenview, just came on the market, priced at $725,000.

The listing copy doesn’t indicate whether this home was a Keck & Keck design, but it lacks many of the characteristic features of Keck homes that I outlined in the above video, shot during cicada season at their passive solar Forest Crest subdivision in Glencoe.

In both Glencoe and Glenview “Keck house” often became a synonym for “teardown candidate” and many Keck homes have met that fate.

The pictures that accompany the listing don’t make it appear to be a teardown candidate, although a companion listing offers the property as vacant land with subdivision potential. Another new listing offers a newly-built 6-bedroom, 5 ½ bath home on the entire site for $1,450,000.

Coldwell Banker’s Cheryl O’Rourke has the listings.


  • Sheridan B 7 years

    Blech, that new house is hideous, I hope somebody buys the existing house. I don’t think it’s a K&K design, but I could be wrong, it doesn’t have the right “feel” in addition to lacking their signature features (especially the ventilation louvers) and the traditional just doesn’t feel like their work.

    BTW, a little FYI (I’m not sure if I should promote it here), but CBB, who you linked to above, is having an open house next weekend in Highland Park at a Dart designed house.

  • Sheridan B,

    Please promote anything you find interesting. Do you know the address of the home?

  • Anthony Michael McGeath 7 years

    Here’s another Keck & Keck, albeit in Miller Beach (aka Gary), Indiana for sale for $625,000. It’s just a short train ride to the Loop and a short walk to the beach.

  • Sheridan B 7 years

    Joe, better yet, a link, to yet another Joe…

    That K&K is Miller is great, totally drool worthy, but it does need some demuddling! And an O’Keefe and Merritt cooktop (I have an O&K range – an LA brand, not common around here) to boot. If, I think, a bit overpriced, considering it’s quite a bit more than equally nice houses in Dune Acres, which is far far far nicer than Miller (which is after all, lets face it, nice as it is, a neighborhood of Gary) – bigger lot, I think a bigger house, better condition, indoor pool, etc

    There are a TON of K&K’s in the dunes from here all the way into Michigan (partially because of the south side connection – lots of Hyde Parkers and south siders had second homes or relocated here and partially because they did lots of houses in this era). In fact, some were stealth K&K’s (as in not in the official listing in the book) and Indiana’s first passive solar house, from ’49, in one of theirs.

    Unfortunately they didn’t do many multi-family buildings, one of the more interesting of which was torn down (CHA’s Prairie Court).

  • Sheridan B,

    We’d love to have you as a guest blogger. Write about what interests you.

    Send me an e- at yojoe at yochicago dot com.

  • Nick 7 years

    Any chance of posting the address of the Dart-designed Highland Park house that is scheduled to be open this weekend?

  • Nick,

    I have a request in to Joe Kunkel for that info.

    Added – the event is for group members only. And the home is not currently listed publicly on the market.

    Added: Call Joe Kunkel at 312-371-0086 for details and an invitation.

  • Sheridan B 7 years

    It’s going on the market this week – GREAT house! Joe, I’ll be in touch later this week, rather swamped right now….