Quote of the day – Don't rent from Beal

The message in the headline is repeated over and over in 54 Yelp reviews of Beal Properties, and the other names under which Beal allegedly does business.

Liz C at Yelp elaborates:

Please run, don’t walk, from these slumlords. I’m wrapping up a one-year lease with this dump. If you like safety issues (our building’s front and back doors have been broken for the majority of my lease), cockroaches the size of mice in your bathtub, janitors that don’t give a F*#% and neighbors that have the cops called on them weekly then feel free to give Beal a shot. I hope this building is condemned.

What prompted me to look at Beal’s Yelp reviews? Two young ladies I know had their Beal-managed Lake View apartment broken into and expensive items stolen. Their calls to Beal over a 3-day period have not been returned despite the fact that they were reporting a security issue with their apartment.

Beal’s Web site, curiously, lists the sought-after neighborhoods and North Shore suburbs in which it manages property, but doesn’t list the properties.

Does anyone know of landlords who’ve had worse reviews at Yelp than Beal?

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