River North’s best apartment towers – expressway access

Earlier posts in our series on the best apartment towers in River North spotlighted the buildings with the best views, the most convenient grocery shopping, the best access to public transit and parks and beaches .

Among the many reasons for River North’s popularity with renters is its proximity to the Ontario St / Ohio St on / off ramp to the Kennedy Expressway. Many River North dwellers reverse-commute each day to Chicago’s northern and northwestern suburbs and the office clusters bordering O’Hare Airport.

Two River North buildings are close competitors for having the best expressway access in the neighborhood: River North Park and Flair Tower. The buildings are at nearly opposite ends of the price spectrum. If affordability is a paramount consideration, you’ll opt for River North Park.

Three additional buildings vie for second place in proximity to the Kennedy: Hubbard Place, Kingsbury Plaza and Parc Huron.

Chime in with a comment if you disagree with our selections.

You’ll find links to our objective, visually-rich apartment reviews of River North buildings and links to near real-time availability checks for most of them, at our at-a-glance list, and some tips and advice at our Guide to renting in River North.

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