Roscoe Village single-family sales appear to be hot

We drove around most of Roscoe Village yesterday looking for apartment for rent signs and saw only one.

We did note about a dozen new homes, major renovations and teardowns underway. A brief scan of the area at Redfin reported scores of single-family homes having been sold in the neighborhood within the last 12 months, at a median price approaching $1M.

Redfin surfaced only four single-families for sale in the area, starting at $800K.

Eric Rojas, one of our sponsors, posts periodic market updates on Roscoe Village (among other areas) at his always-informative Chicago Real Estate Local. His most recent look at the single-family home scene in Roscoe Village was a year ago.

Most of Roscoe Village is within the attendance-area boundaries of the popular K-8 Audubon School.

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