Sales update: 200 North Dearborn

200 North Dearborn

Several Yo readers were curious about the upshot of American Invsco’s plan to unload condos at 200 North Dearborn at a one-night-only sales event last Thursday. About 80 of the development’s 309 units were sold that night, according to Stefanie Neuman, sales manager for 200 North Dearborn.

The event, which was held at Century Tower, featured a countdown-style start, at which point the prospective buyers used personal digital assistants to select their units and make their purchases.

Although she wouldn’t say if the night’s numbers measured up to their expectations, Neuman said they were excited about the sales. “I think any developer in the city would be thrilled to have 80 sales in a night,” she said.

Some of the current tenants of 200 North Dearborn, which is being converted from apartments, have also made purchases, bringing the total units sold to around 120.

Neuman said she expects the building’s conversion to be completed sometime in late September or the beginning of October.

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