Short-term furnished apartments in the Gold Coast

If you’ll only be in Chicago for a month or two, simply want to try out a neighborhood before committing to it, or want a walk to Oak Street Beach in-town for the summer, a furnished apartment can be a great option.

Planned Property Management has just added short-term furnished apartments at 1133 North Dearborn to its mix of “something for everyone” offerings. It’s a great way to experience Gold Coast living in a full-amenity high-rise.

Planned’s Dan McDonough is our tour guide in this sponsored video.


  • Eddie 6 years

    They don’t provide rent prices anywhere on their site. So one would have to contact them in order to get that info? Annoying…

    Other than that, this looks exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for posting.

  • For pricing and availability on short-term, furnished housing please call Adrianna 312.642.5417 – Thank You!

  • Lisa Giscombe 5 years


    I am a Medical Student and I will be doing rotations in Chicago at St. Anthony’s Hospital and Norwegian Hospital. I am looking for a furnitured short term rental with parking for April 1- June 15 and I would like to know if this location is available for that time frame and also the cost?


  • Lisa,

    Contact the property through the links in the post.

  • kp 5 years

    You would have a lot more business… same with “Reside”, if you gave peeps something to work with, as in how the hell much is the rent. I am from Chicago, so I know these places are not “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it”, so I will go look where I can make preliminary decisions without having to call during business hours for a sales pitch.

  • kp,

    Your comment is more appropriately addressed to the property site, not to us. This is a nearly year-old post and video – should be fairly obvious why it doesn’t contain pricing, which can change frequently.

  • Thom 5 years

    Agree with the comments on pricing and especially not wanting the hassle of having to call and listen to a 30 minute sales pitch. Leasing info would be helpful as well as exactly what constitutes “short term” is subjective.