Streeterville apartments, ranked by Facebook Likes

If you search for Streeterville apartment building Facebook pages at Facebook, you may miss half of them. Google search is a more reliable way to find the pages.

There are 11 apartment buildings in Streeterville, and 8 of them have a Facebook page.

The Streeterville building Facebook pages average 172 Likes, compared to an average of 284 likes for a River North building Facebook page. We consider these averages, and the number of Likes for each individual building, to be metrics that are meaningless for renters. We’ve assembled the list simply as a convenient way for you to find Facebook pages for Streeterville apartments.

  • The Streeter, 345 E Ohio, 313 Likes
  • Lake Shore Plaza, 445 E Ohio, 271 Likes
  • Streeter Place, 355 E Ohio, 216 Likes
  • 420 East Ohio, 158 Likes
  • McClurg Court Center, 333 E Ontario, 141 Likes
  • The Seneca, 200 E Chestnut, 102 Likes
  • Onterie Center, 441 E Erie, 96 Likes
  • Cityfront Plaza, 400 N McClurg Ct, 80 Likes
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