Stupid Realtor tricks: MLS search deception

Best Chicago Condos screen cap

The local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is usually the holy grail of up-to-date and historical real estate information. The Chicago-area MLS is Midwest Real Estate Data.

Consumers would love to have access to all of the data that’s in the MLS, but only limited sets of the data are open to them. If you ever see, as you will on the site pictured above, a promise that you can “see the same info real estate agents see,” don’t believe it. Move on to a more reputable site.

If you see, as you can in the screen cap above, the phrase “MLS search” or “Instant MLS Property Search,” don’t believe it. It’s a highly deceptive phrase, and its use appears to be in violation of clear MLS rules. Move on to a different site.

We’ve written about Best Chicago Condos several times before. It’s one of a rat’s nest of sites that promise a lot but deliver you instead to Dream Town Realty. Do you want to do business with a company that deceives you at the outset?

Will MRED belatedly put a stop to this operation’s stupid Realtor tricks?

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