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Santiago Calatrava

ChicagoDowntown / Loop

The hole-in-the-ground gang talks about the Spire

Lakefront aerial

In this fascinating two-part video the architect, developer and members of the construction and engineering teams talk about the technical challenges of building the Chicago Spire and how they surmounted them. The financial and marketing challenges proved far more daunting than the design, environmental and engineering ones and the Spire, though buildable, remains unbuilt. ...

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Posted by Joe Zekas on November 19, 2012

From Yo’s archives – severed heads and the Chicago Spire

Santiago Calatrava video

Five years ago today Yo was looking forward to an evening presentation by Garrett Kelleher on the latest iteration of his plans for the Chicago Spire. Six months later we shot video of Spire architect and bag-holder Santiago Calatrava outlining his vision, which included the use of severed human heads as incredibly creepy door handles. ...

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Posted by Joe Zekas on March 12, 2012
ChicagoDowntown / Loop

Promotions from the past: The Spire

We’ve cultivated quite the collection of promotional materials from sales centers, ranging from a handful of Xeroxed floor plans stapled to hand-written sales sheets to elaborate coffee-table tomes decorated with gold leaf. Project cancellations, budget cuts, and a desire to shift promotions online all mean one thing: It could be years before we see anything ...

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Posted by Joseph Askins on February 16, 2010