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West Pullman

ChicagoSouth Side

A drive down the Non-magnificent Mile

South Michigan Avenue

It’s Partee Time, and Partee Wesley takes you on a drive along the Non-magnificent Mile, Michigan Avenue’s doppelgänger in Roseland and West Pullman. While marveling at the devastation and the sea of corrugated security doors, Partee drily notes: “I’ll tell you one thing, though. There’s a lot of room for improvement.” In a separate nighttime ...

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Posted by Joe Zekas on December 12, 2011
ChicagoSouth Side

In West Pullman, a “mini-mansion” goes for $179,000

11536 S Eggleston Ave, Chicago

Way down in West Pullman, where the 12-month median sale price of a single-family is $27,100 and nothing’s listed higher than the $250s, you can get a “picture perfect,” century-old American Four-Square for $179,900. The 2,650 square-foot home at 11536 S Eggleston Ave was listed in April for $19,900 through the Fannie Mae HomePath program, ...

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Posted by Joseph Askins on November 26, 2010
ChicagoSouth Side

From board-up to fixed-up in West Pullman

Things haven’t been pretty in West Pullman. The South Side neighborhood was home to 435 foreclosures in 2009 and another 97 in the first three months of 2010. As of this morning, 65 of the 217 residential properties listed for sale in West Pullman were priced at or below $50,000, and 49 homes were characterized ...

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Posted by Joseph Askins on June 21, 2010