The last Robert Taylor Homes high-rise demolished

This video was posted by YouTube user artistmac as a response to a YoChicago video on “the Cha’s daring experiment.”


  • Tony 11 years

    That sucked. I thought we’d see it actually demolished.

  • Where’s the implosion?

    You know, it’s interesting. The old era of highrise poor is over. The new era of highrise affluent (maybe) begins. There’s a lesson in that some place.

    If the result of high concentrations of underserved urban poor resulted in ultra-violence what will the outcome for pampered neo-urbanites with every service they could ever need at their disposal be over a period of a few decades?

  • anon 11 years

    Calumetman: Maybe the result of hirise living among the affluent is mental/emotional “implosion.” On another post, someone mentioned that his neighbors in the large condo building that they share are something less than “neighborly.” Could it be that the violence of the hirise poor and the “angst” of the hirise affluent are just two sides of the same socially dysfunctional coin?

  • oooooooooo 11 years

    Is that the building where the gangbangers throw Cali girls out the windows??

  • Ron 10 years

    there is still a lot of remaining high rise in the city,like cabrini green,and in new ytork thewy still have every hight rise standing and occupied.