The lowest-priced single-family on the Gold Coast

Bellevue Place, just west of Lake Shore Drive, is one of the most attractive blocks in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood.

The 1880s-era 5-bedroom, 3-bath home at 67 East Bellevue Pl has most of its vintage features intact. It’s livable in its current state but comes with plans and permits for an addition that would expand the kitchen, add a master suite and a family room, and enlarge the garage to accommodate two or three cars.

Qualifying renovations would be eligible for a façade credit and historic preservation property tax freeze. The tax freeze fixes assessments at their current level for 8 years with an additional 4-year phase-out.

The home is currently priced at $1,599,000, making it the lowest-priced single-family in a true Gold Coast location.

Coldwell Banker’s Meladee Hughes is our tour guide in this sponsored video.

In the above video Stanley, a civil engineer, tells me what he loved about living at 67 East Bellevue.

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