Touring the sixth floor of Trio's tower

Two Sundays ago, Jameson agent Matt Ohlsen took me through some of the finished units on the sixth floor of Trio‘s tower at 670 W Wayman St. This was prior to a Crain’s story about the tower’s possible conversion to a rental building, so some of the pricing mentioned throughout the tour might already be out of date.

Nevertheless, you can get a sense of the homes’ layouts and finishes. The one feature that stands out in hindsight is a strange “cabinet system” positioned inside what I would normally consider to be the entry point for several units’ dens. The doors of the cabinets can swing out and effectively close off the den into something akin to a bedroom with a partial-height wall. I suppose it fulfills a buyer’s desire for an additional room and extra closet space, but I’m not sure it works so well in execution.

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