Twenty-three new rowhomes slated for Andersonville

The past half-dozen years have seen almost no new construction of rowhomes in the Andersonville area, despite the neighborhood’s increasing popularity.

CMK Realty has just begun marketing 23 new rowhomes, priced from the $420s, on the large stretch of vacant land just west of 4846 N Clark St.

The homes will have two-car attached garages and an unusual feature for rowhomes — large private yards ranging from just over 200 to nearly 1,700 square feet.

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  • Bart 6 years

    Sorry to say but…. That is NOT Andersonville, That IS UPTOWN.

  • Bart,

    It’s technically in the Uptown community area, but most people call that part of Uptown Ravenswood. A growing number are calling it Andersonville. See the comments on this post.

  • Dave Hanna 6 years

    C’mon, this is Uptown, not Andersonville. Look at any neighborhood map, ask the Alderman, or anyone who lives there.
    The only people who are calling it Andersonville are the ones trying to leverage the image of another neighborhood to their own benefit.
    Hell, just call it Lakeview since it is in Lakeview Township and say it is close to Lincoln Park, which runs the length of LSD.
    Very disappointing to see this on a site I hold in such high regard, where a consistent message has been about honesty in the brokerage community.

    • Dave,

      You can find any number of disinterested consumers on Yelp referring to local businesses here as being in

      Neighborhoods evolve, and I’ve made full disclosure of the conflicting claims about the neighborhood’s name. If this one were completely unacceptable I wouldn’t have allowed it to be made.

  • pedro 6 years

    Most people would say Andersonville (which is a neighborhood vs. community area) has bled down this far.

    Regardless of what one calls the area, these will sell fast.

  • Bob 6 years

    Vote for Pedro.